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Changes in 2013

In 1980, when my Dad was a few years younger than I am now, he opened a furniture store on 60th street in West Allis, Wisconsin. The store would be called Dinette Showcase, and would specialize in dining furniture. He filled the store with a huge inventory and set to work, staying open every day of the year, determined to be successful. With very little help he did everything from unloading trucks and putting furniture together, to helping every customer and delivering sets. As other furniture stores came and went in the decades to come, my father’s steadfast work ethic and dedication kept our business growing and our customers happy. To this day, I still meet customers who are shopping for a set to replace the one my Dad sold them over 30 years ago. Dinette Showcase will always be a part of my family’s story; dozens of family members have been a part of our success: cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Today, in 2013, we are moving forward with our business. Retaining every aspect of the business model that has helped us to successfully serve the Milwaukee area for 33 years, we are making some changes to update our store. We’ve changed the name from Dinette Showcase to Dining Furniture Showcase, added a brand new website, updated our signs and logos, and handpicked a fantastic selection of dining furniture that has exceptional style and quality. We still have the same enormous selection (over 250 sets on display), the same central location, and the same dedication to family and customer service.

If you haven’t visited us recently, now is an exciting time for both us and our customers. We look forward to a fun, exciting, and successful future at Dining Furniture Showcase.

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